Amethyst AiD

Amethyst AiD

AMETHYST AiD provides wellness products manufactured with World's First Ever Self-Adhesive cloth. It is a Genuine Innovation and Smart Invention with Multi-Nations Patents. It looks like a regular fabric. We call it the Velcro-free fabric.

 It has a strong viscosity, easily adjustable and is quiet & effortless during usage. No area limitation for its adhesive area and is quick drying. Easy maintenance, longlasting and odourless. Most importantly, it is eco-friendly and harmless to human skin.

 The philosophy of AMETHYST AiD is to aid individual’s health. Like Amethyst, it aids the wellness of individuals with WARM and LOVE to every corner of the World. The AiD provides stability, strength and inspiration to individuals with a sense of peace and security.

 AMETHYST AiD is fashionable too. Individuals are able to Mix & Match the AiD with their clothing. It can be worn under the clothing and outside the clothing.    

 Besides providing the appropriate products for customers, AMETHYST AiD aims to provide services beyond customers' expectations and make them feel the light, warmth, hope and love from the company.


The magical cloth can self-adhere with great strength.            3 x 1.5Litre bottles, = 4.5kg.

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